Schneider Electric, Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions Activity is proud to announce the release of SCADA Expert ClearSCADATM 2015 R2, the newest version of our successful SCADA Host software.

SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2015 R2 is a Minor version release, containing new features and product enhancements.

All users upgrading to this release will require a new license file available from customer support. This is required for both server and client upgrades. See the notes available here for further information.

New Product Features

Game-changing Performance & Scalability

Reductions of up to 90% in database processing time and server synchronization time, plus improvements to client responsiveness makes this release the new gold standard in performance and reliability!

ViewX Enhancements for Improved Usability
  • Integrated Database Search - spend less time hunting things down in the database!
  • Improved Full Screen Mode, to make the most of your screen real-estate!
  • Locate Open Object in Explorer, to get from that open mimic or configuration form back to the Source object in Database or OPC Explorer
  • Momentary Button - a new button style designed to initiate momentary pulse actions, or perform two actions without scripting or logic!
  • Locking options for the Embedded Alarm List, to keep your operators from accidentally filtering or sorting the Alarm List incorrectly!
Trending Options & Enhancements
  • Historic Alarm Indication - see graphically exactly when your points generated an Alarm, even after the Alarm Limits have been changed!
  • Jump Mode - to maintain a consistent fixed trending interval (e.g. 1 Hour) that 'jumps' to maintain the current time on display.
  • Intelligent Scrolling, so the trend area fills most of the way up before continuous X-axis scrolling kicks in.
  • Local Time used for Trend Aggregate Plots and Historic Tags - the user's Local Time Zone is now used, instead of being constrained to UTC time, correctly calculating trend aggregates and time-based historic calculations.
Online Help has been given a facelift
  • New home screens, for improved navigation.
  • Useful links in page footers, helping you easily browse other topics of interest.
  • Improved page layout and font.
  • Support for tablets and other small-screen devices.
Improved Driver Functionality
  • Support for our new Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter, the NOCT60, within the Realflo Liquid & Water Run configuration.
  • Support for SCADAPack E Smart RTU enhancements in firmware version 8.12.2
    • More 5000-series I/O modules are compatible with the SCADAPack 500E rPAC.
    • Modbus Scanner enhancements for configurable read/write group, and configurable bit and byte ordering.
  • DNP3 Device Profiles available in XML Format.
  • Enhanced Kingfisher RTU Addressing, allowing for Uniquely-addressed RTUs connected to separate Outstation Sets each with the same address.
Operational Empowerment
  • Store RTU Data during Point Override, and easily visualise this on a trend.
  • Export Historic Data to Wonderware eDNA Historian.
System Administration
  • Configure clients to connect only to Synchronized Standby Server - give confidence that a complete data-set is available for corporate users.
  • Service Manager has a new design, making it much easier to visualise and control multiple ClearSCADA Services.
  • Support for WindowsTM 10, the latest in Operating System technology from MicrosoftTM.
Enhanced Security
  • Secure Connection to Email Servers, supporting TLS encryption.
  • Secure connection to ClearSCADA Mobile Server, for added piece of mind.
  • Increased protection of System Credentials in Windows Registry.

Please read the Release Notes document for a more detailed list of the new changes in this version of SCADA Expert ClearSCADA.

Further Information

It is recommended that prior to installing or upgrading your SCADA Expert ClearSCADA version, you read the linked pages below for instructions and any Known Issues with this version.

For any problems with upgrading SCADA Expert ClearSCADA, please contact our Technical Support Department at or through contact details shown here.

Downloads of supported releases of SCADA Expert ClearSCADA are available via SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Support.