Schneider Electric, Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions Activity has announced the release of SCADA Expert ClearSCADATM 2015 R1, the newest version of our successful SCADA Host software.

SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2015 R1 is a Major version release, containing new features and product enhancements.

All users upgrading to this release will require a new license file available from customer support. This is required for both server and client upgrades. See the notes available here for further information.

New Product Features

New WebX User Interface
  • A new WebX User Interface has been developed for ClearSCADA 2015 R1, delivering enhanced functionality and increased efficiency for web-based operators. Core features of the ViewX User Interface have been incorporated into the new WebX client, including the Database Explorer navigational bar and the Alarm Banner, plus an enhanced Logon/Off experience and direct access to object functions including ad-hoc lists & trends, point controls, notes, and context-sensitive Alarms and Events lists.
  • The new WebX User Interface is accessible from any HTML5 browser for viewing of Trends, Alarm Lists, Event Lists, and Queries from a variety of phones, tablets or laptops. An enhanced experience is provided when users connect via Internet Explorer providing access to view ClearSCADA Mimics and other graphical documents including XY Plots, XYZ Plots and Dynagraphs.
  • Original WebX has been maintained as a fall-back option for customers who prefer the classic ClearSCADA Web user experience, and can be reinstated via a simple configuration option. Similarly, both the new and classic WebX Interfaces can be configured to run in parallel to allow users to evaluate the new interface and migrate across as they choose.
Increased Template Efficiency via Expressions
  • Management of Templates and their Instances has been enhanced in SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2015 R1 to provide a dedicated interface for the configuration of all instance-controlled properties of a template, allowing for centralized management of overridden properties for template instances. Template Property Overrides have also been expanded to allow objects to have the value of their properties tied to an expression within the template which would be automatically calculated within the instance.
Enhanced Alarm Summary Information
  • The alarming capabilities have been extended in ClearSCADA 2015 R1 to provide detailed Alarm Summary information to users. This summary integrates key information together including alarm transitions, responsible user(s) and any acknowledgement comments for simplified analysis. The Alarm Summary is available via a context-sensitive Pick Menu option, meaning that it’s accessible from everywhere you need it.
  • In addition, five new properties have been added to database Groups (including Instances) to provide enhanced alarm roll-up calculations. These properties provide the highest severity of alarm for each of; Active Unacknowledged Alarms, Active Unacknowledged Alarms, Cleared Unacknowledged Alarms, Disabled Alarms, and Suppressed Alarms. These new properties can be referenced from mimics to facilitate creation of ASM (Abnormal Situation Management)-like displays. See the Release Notes for more information on these new alarm roll-up properties.
Enhanced User Account Security
  • ClearSCADA 2015 R1 delivers improvements to system security by allowing administrators to force all passwords to auto-expire if they tighten the system password policy, thereby requiring all users to update their passwords at time of next logon. Additional User Account security features include:
    • Users are forcibly logged off if their User Account is disabled
    • Users are provided with warning prior to the timed expiration of their password
    • Users are notified of any failed logon attempts upon successful logon
    • The default System Security level on a new ClearSCADA installation is set to ‘Strong’
    • User Accounts will have their passwords randomized during an export to ensure database security is not compromised.
    • The built-in ClearSCADA Super User account is valid only on the local ClearSCADA server only, and will be denied access if logon is attempted from a remote client machine.
Client Access Control Lists
  • ClearSCADA 2015 R1 delivers enhanced functionality to allow the user to specify from which IP address ranges connections to the server will be accepted. Separate management of users based on client access methods will be included, catering for connections from ViewX, WebX, Data Access clients, OPC clients, and ClearSCADA Utilities.
Enhanced Support for O&G Flow Computers
  • ClearSCADA 2015 R1 includes support for RealfloTM Liquids, supporting Flow Runs for Water and Liquid (including Density and Water Cut measurement, and two-phase flow detection) in addition to the existing Gas Flow Runs. Existing Realflo functionality for Gas within ClearSCADA has been extended to Liquids and Water, including support for remote changes to configuration from ClearSCADA, plus configuration of the Coriolis Meter connection.
  • A new range of O&G drivers is also available in ClearSCADA 2015 R1 to provide native connectivity to EmersonTM ROCPlus & FloBoss, and ABBTM TotalFlowTM range of Flow Computers, which support the gathering of real-time, historic, alarm, and event data from the connected field units without requiring external databases or polling engines.
Direct Mapping of DNP3-to-Modbus Master/Slave Addresses on SCADAPack E RTUs
  • ClearSCADA 2015 R1 includes support for the enhanced functionality available in SCADAPack E RTU firmware version 8.12 (or above), which allows users to directly configure a Modbus Master/Slave interface and mapping of data to/from DNP3 points without the need for IEC 61131-3 logic programming in the RTU. New database objects and additional configuration options have been created within the SCADAPack E Outstation and the SCADAPack E DNP3 points to enable these new features.
Enterprise Software Integration
  • WonderwareTM Historian now interfaces directly with ClearSCADA 2015 R1 to allow the expansion of an existing ClearSCADA system to easily include a centralized enterprise Historian, unifying data from multiple independent ClearSCADA systems while continuing to capitalize on your existing software investment.
  • Wonderware System Platform offers a gateway to operational excellence applications for workflow management, performance and big data analysis, operator training and simulation, and asset optimization, and also helps drive standards and allows you to centralize and standardize the management of your operations across multiple ClearSCADA installations. A dedicated interface allows System Platform users to remotely browse the ClearSCADA database tags, allowing easy integration of ClearSCADA’s real-time data and alarm information into System Platform/InTouch screens for display and/or alarm acknowledgement.

Please read the Release Notes document for a more detailed list of the new changes in this version of SCADA Expert ClearSCADA.

Further Information

It is recommended that prior to installing or upgrading your SCADA Expert ClearSCADA version, you read the linked pages below for instructions and any Known Issues with this version.

For any problems with upgrading SCADA Expert ClearSCADA, please contact our Technical Support Department at or through contact details shown here.

Downloads of supported releases of SCADA Expert ClearSCADA are available via SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Support.