Policy summary

This policy applies to the ClearSCADA Mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

These applications connect to customer infrastructure only, and do not connect to Schneider Electric systems, therefore questions regarding the privacy of the data these applications transmit should primarily be directed to the owner of the ClearSCADA servers to which they connect.

Data Controller and Owner

Your Data Controller and Owner are the owner of the ClearSCADA servers which you configure ClearSCADA Mobile applications to connect.

Types of Data collected

ClearSCADA Mobile collects geographic positioning data and sends this to the ClearSCADA server. ClearSCADA can be configured to store or discard this data. This configuration is per user account.

The ClearSCADA Mobile application reads the device status in order to uniquely identify the device to the ClearSCADA Mobile Server.

The application reads accounts data in order to store your credentials for logging in to the ClearSCADA Mobile Server.

Further Information

For further information please refer to your system administrator.

Please refer to the Schneider Electric Data Privacy Policy for more information regarding our commitment to protecting your personal information.