Windows Authentication

ClearSCADA (since 2010 R1) leverages the existing security implementation to integrate with Windows domains to authenticate ClearSCADA logon attempts against a trusted domain. This means that password management of ClearSCADA's user accounts is now handled by existing corporate domains, and that disabled IT user accounts now quickly reflect into the SCADA system to ensure system security. Validation occurs across all ClearSCADA client interfaces, ensuring that whether the client gains access to ClearSCADA using ViewX, WebX, ODBC or automation interface, system security policies are enforced and referenced to the local domain.

ClearSCADA's Integrated Security

ClearSCADA contains a full featured security component. Its multiple security levels are tied in to all ClearSCADA server facilities including tight coupling between ViewX client and WebX client log-ons and privilege levels, ClearSCADA server maintenance, ClearSCADA DSN log-on for ODBC access, alarm redirection (including e-mail, paging, etc.), SCADA level access to database objects for Viewing, Alarm acknowledgement, configuration, etc.