The following attempts to provide a rough guide to quantify the complexity of mimics based on the elements they contain.

Mimic Complexity in 5 Simple Steps

The following steps can be used to calculate mimic complexity;

  1. Use the Mimic Diagnostics utility within ViewX to extract the numbers of each basic mimic element from your mimic.
  2. Using the Mimic Elements table below, calculate the total complexity score based on the basic elements within your mimic.
  3. Use the Animations table below to calculate the total complexity score based on configured animations. Use your best guess if you don't know exactly.
  4. Sum the results from step 2 and 3 together.
  5. Use the Scoring table below to grade the complexity of your mimic.
Mimic Elements
Mimic Element Complexity Score
Additional line segment 0.1
Additional pipe segment 0.2
Primitive graphic element (text, line, shape) 1 + animations as below
Pipe 2 + animations as below
Bitmap image 5 * file size in Kb
Layer 10 + animations as below
Pie Chart 20 + animations as below
SQL List 30 + animations as below (+50 if SQL query is animated)
Embedded mimic 30 + complexity of embedded mimic + 5 per parameter + animations as below
Alarm list 50 + animations as below
Embedded trend/XY/XYZ/Dynagraph 100
Remote image 100
Animation Type Complexity Score
Simple tag animation 5
Object method animation 15
Historic animation 20
Indirect animation 50
SQL animation 200
Summary Complexity Score Status
Simple mimic Complexity < 1000
Medium mimic Complexity < 5000
Complex mimic Complexity >= 5000