Before upgrading your system, it is important to know what version is currently installed so that you can follow the appropriate instructions for upgrading your system.

Follow the steps below for either the server or clients to determine the version currently running in your system.

From the ClearSCADA Server

  • Open the Server Status tool by right-clicking on the ClearSCADA server icon in the system tray and selecting the "Status..." menu option.
  • If requested, logon to the server using a valid username and password.
  • Select the "Information" page under the "General" folder on the navigation tree.

The ClearSCADA version can be viewed from the first two lines of the screen, as shown below:

From the ViewX Client

  • Select "About ViewX" from the "Help" menu.
  • A dialog box similar to the following will be shown, containing the ClearSCADA version information:

ViewX clients may not be running the same version of ClearSCADA as the server(s). Any ViewX Client running on the same machine as a ClearSCADA server however, will be running the same version of ClearSCADA as the server.