It is not uncommon to see a requirement for a button which is shown as depressed when a point is on, and raised when the point is off. The button object in ClearSCADA can be configured to represent the state of the point. It also allows actions to be configured independently for clicking on the button when it is up or down (referred to as the Button Up action or Button Down action).

Configure the Latched Button

Firstly, ensure that the button style is set to "Latched" in the button properties dialog.

Open the animations for the button. The animation named "Latched" determines when the button will show as depressed. The expression evaluated as true will show the button as latched (or depressed), and the expression evaluated as false will show the button raised.

Any non-zero value will mark the button as latched.

When configuring the button pick actions, you will now be presented with two separate pick actions to be configured: Button Down and Button Up. These are the commands that will be run as the user clicks on the button. Button Down is the pick action run when the button is currently in the Up position and will be clicked down, and similarly Button Up is the action run when the button is to be raised from the latched position.