When executing a script running on a mimic an error may be returned on some clients. Usually this is "This network connection does not exist". The error, when debugging, happens on script commands that require a read from the server such as the Server object methods (e.g. Server.GetOPCValue and Server.RootObject).

The problem is related to the working offline setting in Internet Explorer. When the connection is made to the server from ViewX it first checks the "online status" and, if necessary, requests for you to go "online". This is done via a call to a Microsoft API called InternetGoOnline and most of the time works as expected. The problem is that some machines raise the above error when online. For example, with the IE setting set to being "online" the error is shown immediately and if you are "offline" you are asked to go "online", but then still get the error.

This problem only affects mimic scripting reading or writing from the server, however other aspects of ViewX are not effected.

To work around the problem, simply ensure you are not set to work "offline" in IE (under the File menu).