In a future release, ClearSCADA will be rebranded as ‘EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert’.

This will be the same product, but with a new name. Geo SCADA will continue to be Schneider Electric's go-to product for Telemetry and Remote SCADA; with strong integration of devices, enterprise scalability and performance, online configuration and extensive connectivity being its hallmarks.

The change of name, and the inclusion of the EcoStruxure prefix, represents our commitment to ClearSCADA within Schneider Electric and its unrivaled capability for remote communications, device management, 24/7 control room operations and geographic location/mapping services.

If you have any questions about this name change, please email us at

The Future

ClearSCADA is developed by Aveva Group plc and marketed and supported by Schneider Electric. Because we are committed to keeping ClearSCADA best-in-class for full-featured remote SCADA, we appreciate your feedback through forums, our technical support teams and sales channels.