ClearSCADA Mobile is a mobility extension to ClearSCADA that provides real time remote access to critical SCADA data, allowing system users to monitor performance while “on the move”, improving staff productivity and enhancing overall system performance.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Communication to the phone utilises SSL to enable appropriate encryption on transmitted data. As the system has been designed from the ground up as a mobile platform, display and data retrieval is achieved in seconds, even for complicated trends or large event journal queries.

Custom Queries

Users can get access to tabular data providing easy analysis and comparison. Overall system KPIs for management, production summaries, system water flows, reservoir levels, etc. can all be easily added and made available to users.

Workflow Assistance

Users are notified of new alarm conditions relevant to their area of responsibility, and can action those alarms using the built in alarm and event lists. The database browser provides detailed status information related to any database object to allow for more in-depth system performance. Trends provide users with the ability to review historic data to make the right operational decisions for the future and user favorites allow users to store commonly used views on their phone for easy retrieval.

Mobile Displays

ClearSCADA Mobile also provides summary data displays for "at a glance" understanding of system performance and operation, bringing together important information from a single site, or even presenting summary information from multiple sites. These displays can also provide navigation to other features within ClearSCADA Mobile for a specific object within the database (e.g. event list for a group, or another mobile display).

More Information

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