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Software Download Links - ClearSCADA

Find below the current ClearSCADA versions that are in support and available for immediate download.
An upgrade of ClearSCADA version will typically require you to update both your client and server license(s). Please review the Updating Your ClearSCADA License page for details.

Latest Release - ClearSCADA 2017

ClearSCADA 2017 is now available for download here:

Other Supported Releases

Updated hotfix & Service Pack releases for supported versions of ClearSCADA are available for download here to resolve security vulnerability SEVD-2017-060-01:

Previous supported official releases are available for download here:

ClearSCADA Driver Development Kit

The ClearSCADA DDK for supported versions of ClearSCADA is available here.

Software Download Links - Utilities

ClearSCADA Certificate Generator

The ClearSCADA Certificate Generator is a small stand-alone utility that can be used with supported versions of ClearSCADA (see list above) to generate and deploy a new self-signed certificate signed using SHA1 signing algorithm. This utility has been developed as the default self-signed security certificate provided with ClearSCADA versions prior to September 2014 uses a deprecated and weak signing algorithm (MD5 signing algorithm). Further details of this vulnerability can be found within the disclosure document found here, also accessible from the Schneider Electric Cybersecurity portal.

Users of ClearSCADA versions prior to ClearSCADA 2010 R3 are recommended to upgrade to a supported version of ClearSCADA listed above, and use this utility to deploy an updated self-signed certificate. ClearSCADA versions released after September 2014 do not require this utility as they already include an updated self-signed certificate, however, if an existing system is upgraded to a new ClearSCADA version and is using a self-signed certificate, the certificate should be manually updated via the ClearSCADA Server Configuration tool. Alternatively, this Certificate Generator utility can be used to automatically update this certificate.

This utility is recommended for all existing ClearSCADA systems that use the default self-signed certificate, removing the need to update this certificate manually.
This utility should not be used on systems that have purchased and deployed a valid security certificate from a Certificate Authority, as it will overwrite the certificate obtained from a Certificate Authority and revert back to a self-signed certificate.

The ClearSCADA Certificate Generator is available for download, including a User Guide, from the following link: