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The September Updates are now available!
28 August 2017: Introducing Monthly Updates
We’re pleased to announce the introduction of Monthly Updates to supported releases of ClearSCADA, covering both ClearSCADA 2017 and ClearSCADA 2015 R2 versions. We’ve combined our Service Pack and Hotfix release processes and rolled them up into a single Monthly Update for each ClearSCADA version, which includes recent bug fixes and any new minor enhancements before undergoing verification of the latest MS Operating System Patches – giving you confidence in each and every Monthly Update Release.

Each Update is a full installation just like the Initial Release - not a patch - meaning you can upgrade straight to the latest Monthly Update from a previous version (don't forget to read the upgrade notes), or use a Monthly Update to start a brand new installation. Applying a Monthly Update is as similar experience as upgrading to a Service Pack release used to be, so make sure to take a full backup of your configuration beforehand in case you need to roll back.

Starting this month, ClearSCADA Monthly updates will be made available for direct download from the Resource Center, and you can register above to be notified when it's ready and get it hot off the production line. Each Monthly Update comes complete with updated Release Notes including details of resolved Customer Issues and any new enhancements, so you'll know exactly what’s changed.

The first Monthly Updates are now available - get them below!

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ClearSCADA Driver Development Kit

The ClearSCADA DDK for supported versions of ClearSCADA is available here.