Installing ClearSCADA

An Installation Guide in pdf format is provided for users to walk through the process of installing ClearSCADA. Click here to open the Installation Guide.

Information on supported operating systems can be found in the Installation Guide along with suggested minimum PC specifications for differently sized databases.

Other Installation Actions

Perform these as applicable to your system requirements.

Adding an ODBC Connection

In order for third party applications (including Crystal Reports) to access the ClearSCADA server using the ODBC interface, a new Data Source (ODBC) needs to be configured.

  • Open the Data Sources (ODBC) dialog from the Administrative Tools menu.
  • Select the System DSN tab.
  • Select the Add... button.
  • Select the ClearSCADA Driver and select finish.

  • Configure the connection as shown in the below diagram.

Some clients (for example SQL Server) will not handle the default ClearSCADA time value of 1-Jan-1601. For this type of client, enable the option to return uninitialized time values as NULL.
  • Click on OK to complete the setup.

Script Debugger Installation

ClearSCADA includes a Client Side Scripting feature. To make full use of this feature we recommend installing the Windows Script Debugger. This will allow you to interactively debug your scripts.

To install the debugger:

  • Insert the ClearSCADA CD in your CD drive.
  • Select 'Browse' CD from the Menu.
  • Navigate to the 'Components\Script Debugger' folder.
  • Double click on the file 'scd10en.exe'.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.