Occasionally it is a requirement that a new line character is put in ClearSCADA where it expecting a string, eg. a STRING variable in logic or the TooltipText animation on a mimic.

Depending on where the string is being written to in ClearSCADA, different formats are used.

Mimic animations use the CHR(10) function to indicate a new line. Create a text object on a mimic, right click and choose Animations. Scroll down to the TooltipText or Text property and enter the following:

'This' + CHR(10) + 'is' + CHR(10) + 'a' + CHR(10) + 'test'

On the mimic, new lines will be used where CHR(10) is used above.

You cannot directly enter a new line character in the Tooltip box on a mimic item's Properties page. However, if you add the text to the TooltipText animation and put the mimic into run mode, go back into design mode and view the Tooltip box on the properties page, you will see a thin rectangle in place of where the new lines are to be placed. This can be copied (ctrl-c) and used through that text box to indicate a new line. You will need to remember to delete the animation if you do this, as that will overwrite the new text you enter into the Tooltip text box.

Also see Adding New Line Characters To Strings in Logic.